Tree of Life Necklace

7 Chakra Quartz Natural Stone
Healing Crystal Reiki Jewelry

The Tree of Life serves as a reminder of our universal connection and dependence on Mother Earth to grow and flourish 🌳 This sacred symbol also represents deep grounding and alignment with the seven healing centers (chakras).

The 7 Chakras – Tree of Life Necklace Meanings:

✨ Root – Red Carnelian Amethyst (red) for stability/security/grounding
✨Sacral – Orange Aventurine (orange) for creativity/sexuality/emotional self-expression
✨Solar Plexus – Cats Eye/Selentine Quartz (yellow) for confidence/self-esteem/Empowered
✨ Heart – Green Aventurine (green) for love/compassion/empathy
✨Throat – Sodalite (blue) for communication/expression of thoughts, feelings and ideas
✨Third Eye – Natural Amethyst (violet) for wisdom/Seeing inner and outer worlds/Intuitive abilities
✨Crown – Peruvian Clear Quartz (clear) for spiritual connection/higher consciousness/transcending limitations